FAQs & Our Policies


The goal at The Ballroom World of Dance is to provide a motivating and fun dance experience.  We believe that this kind of goal will only be capable of producing a socially enjoyable atmosphere.  Because of our standards, we will not tolerate any negative, hurtful, or disrespectful actions or words on the part of the staff or students.  We believe in positive reinforcement and support of all of our instructors and students.      



We appreciate the trust you have placed in our team at The BWD and will make every attempt to honor that trust by presenting to you the high quality instruction you expect and deserve. We want your dance experience with us to be as pleasant as possible; any comments and suggestions are welcome. You are guarunteed anonymity with the use of our suggestions box, so, if at any time during your visit you have any misgivings, we urge you to make use of said box. Our aim is to provide an informative and friendly environment in which your concerns are addressed promptly and to your satisfaction.  


24 hour advance cancellation is required for all private lessons however we are aware that special circumstances will present themselves as in illness and /or last minute emergencies.  We will waive the cancellation fee if a makeup lesson is scheduled within a seven day period.  If a make-up lesson is not completed a private lesson fee will be charged.   Private lessons are non refundable.  Emergencies and scheduling conflicts can periodically arise for the instructors of the B.W.D. as well.  If this happens we will make every effort to substitute an instructor if you so choose.  If your lesson needs to be cancelled and rescheduled by the B.W.D. if requested, you will receive a onetime only free admission card for any of our 55 min group classes.  (Not valid for guest instructor classes or special classes) and must be used with two weeks of issue date.  Please make sure you request your card at the time of cancellation as we will only issue cards at that time.



It is our policy to ask our students for their email addresses.  We do this so that our students can be notified of class schedule changes, social events, and updated B.W.D news.  We often have promotional discounts and special coupons which will only be available through our emailing.  These coupons are valid for one person per email address and any other discounts or promotions cannot be combined and do not apply.

Your email address will never be sold or given to a third party.  Your email will be used solely for the purpose of The B.W.D. studio news and studio related issues.



We require a minimum of 3 students per class. The Instructor has the right to cancel any class that does not meet the required minimum of students.



Punch cards are given to each student who attend group classes here at the B.W.D.  We offer the following cards:  Saturday, Sunday, and Weekday .  When you have attended 10 classes on a card, you have earned a free class on your next visit.  A new card will be given to you on that next visit.  Please note that it is the students responsibility to make sure their cards are signed or punched at the time of each attendance and not the staffs responsibility to ask for them.  We will however, make every effort to help students remember to present their cards at the time of check in.  Please remember your cards as they cannot be signed or punched for previously attended classes.

We offer these cards as a gift to our students in appreciation for their support of our studio and not as part of the class structure. It is simply just our way of saying thank you




Shoes designed for Ballroom dance are the optimal choice for men, women, and children and the only choice for anyone who wants to do more than one introductory lesson.  Everyday or dress shoes may be worn as long as they have leather soles but should not be the permanent choice for anyone who plans to make dancing more than a one time occasion.

Sneakers and rubber soled shoes are not to be worn during dance as they will stick to the dance floor.  This will not only prevent the dancer from achieving the proper flow of steps but can also cause injury.


Clothing: Comfortable attire is recommended.

Our recommendations:

Men:  Button-Down Shirts, Pants  

Women:  Skirts, dresses, Pants: Capri or Long

Shorts, Beach attire, bare feet and undershirts will not  be allowed on the dance floor



As the director of The B.W.D, I have always maintained that an open door policy is the only policy to have in order to keep both students and staff in a pleasant fun atmosphere.  If anyone has a question or concern involving any studio related issues, please feel comfortable to stop by my office or call me so that we can confidentially address each issue.